FC Barcelona – Miralem Pjanic Tests Positive for COVID

Recently, Miralem Pjanic tested positive for coronavirus. Pjanic had just signed for FC Barcelona in a deal with Juventus, giving them Arthur Melo. Not long ago, Pjanic was unwell and underwent a PCR test on 22nd August 2020. The results showed that the player is COVID positive. Consequently, the player will not be able to travel with the squad for at least 15 days. He is in self-isolation right now. On Sunday, Barcelona confirmed that the player is in good health. Pjanic will miss the pre-season games. It will surely be hard for him because he is new to the team. He will miss the initial trainings and pre-season matches to cope up with the team. Barcelona has had a terrible season and expects Pjanic to bring some changes to their game. The 30-year-old has helped Juventus in the midfield and is expected to do the same for Barcelona.

As we all know, the whole world is suffering through the outbreak of a pandemic called COVID-19 also known as Coronavirus. The virus has affected the whole world and all of a sudden almost each and every country went under lockdown. The virus started in Wuhan, China. There are many stories on how the virus got initiated. Some say it is because of a market in Wuhan which used to sell bats as fast food, some say it was a lab experiment in China that went wrong and many others. Whatever the reason, the whole world is against China as they did not take proper precautions and took it very lightly due to which the virus turned out to be a pandemic. This pandemic has affected many countries economically.

Many sports activities also had to be canceled owing to this. Although the situation is under control right now and almost all the activities have resumed, it is still important to take maximum precautions to ensure everyone’s safety. One of the sports that was heavily affected by this is football. The sport has resumed again and managed to complete all the tournaments and events smoothly. As this sport requires a lot of traveling, it is important to take precautions for the safety of the players. But, many players were tested positive with the virus even after following all the safety guidelines. COVID has become a part of human life. It can be easily cured by taking proper care of yourself. We wish the Bosnian midfielder a speedy recovery, so he overcomes this and gets back to the peak of his health to help his club in the best way possible.

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