iPhone 12: Everything We Know – Made In India and Specification

We are around a month away from taking the wraps off Apple 2020 iPhones. If you love iPhone SE because you just love its squared-off edges, the newest iPhones could be the ones for you. There are a lot of rumors going around that the new iPhone 12 is going to be squared edges instead of rounded ones.

New iPhones this 2020

Unlike the years 2017, 2018, and 2019 this year iPhone is launching 4 years this year.

  1. 5.4-inch model, it will be smaller than the iPhone 11 Pro which has a screen of 5.8 inches.
  2. 6.1-inch model, a low-end model same screen size as the iPhone 11 and probably has the same specs as the 5.4-inch model.
  3. A 6.1-inch model with higher specs.
  4. A 6.7-inch model having the screen bigger than the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

These are the expected screen size are from our sources.

iphone12 dummy lineup

A New Design For iPhone 12

From the iPhone 6, Apple has stuck with the same basic silhouette for the iPhone. A rounded rectangle with rounded sides. iPhone 6 has been launched back in the year 2014. But this year Apple is doing something different, the information from our sources and the rumors indicate the newest iPhones could have flat edges. Kind of same design we have in the days of the iPhone 4. We can see the same design in iPhone 5 and iPhone SE as well and even in the recent iPad Pros.

We can see the dummy models for Apple’s new iPhone floating around since the summer. On the basics of the dummy model, we can expect the dimensions of the upcoming iPhones, and they give us our better idea of what that new design could look like, and how their size compares to other phones in Apple’s lineup.

As per our sources, all four new iPhones will have squared-off edges and will continue to have stainless steel edges on the pricier models and aluminum on the less expensive ones. We can also see many comparisons on the internet if the new iPhone rumored a 5.4-inch model to the first generation iPhone SE. The iPhone that’s smaller than the iPhone X / XS / 11 Pro with an edge-to-edge display.

iPhone 12, First iPhone With 5G

5G will be the base for the cellular networks all around the world, and 2020’s iPhones are expected to be the first to supports 5G cellular networks. Means you can take the full advantage of fast network speed. But the speed will depend on the various factors like 5G coverage in your area, and possibly depending on which version of the next iPhone you end up buying. The Wall Street Journal reported in April that “some” of this year’s iPhones would get 5G.

iPhone 12 pro concept

Screen And Refresh Rate

The entire lineup for the new iPhone will have an OLED screen. iPhone  11 and iPhone XR also have OLED screens. this is because OLED screens have an advantage over LED screens. Each pixel on an OLED screen is individually lit, the screen can just turn those pixels off when showing blacks. That can mean deeper blacks, truer colors, more vibrance, and sometimes better battery life.

Recently all the flagship Android phones have moved on to high-refresh-rate screens for smoother scrolling, animations, and games. We are the expectation to have IPhone his year to have a 120 Hz display.

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