What is IFA Berlin 2020 and Why You Should Be Excited?

The countdown for IFA 2020, Europe’s largest consumer electronics show continues. In this article, we expand our coverage of the Berlin conference in which tech manufacturers from all over the world congregate to give the public a sneak preview of the upcoming tendencies and trends of their products and goods. IFA isn’t only laptops and smartphones, it also covers kitchen appliances, chipsets, motherboards, consumer electronics, parts and components.

IFA’s 2019 show was a packed one, as LG, Nokia, Ryzen, Garmin and Sonos. But with the pandemic hitting the world, and Berlin enacting a cap on attendance on all public events, this year’s IFA will be a very select one, as only the crême-de-la-crême of tech industry and media will be able to physically witness what the best brands in consumer electronics have for the public in the next twelve months.

Will the decrease in attendance be a deterrent for brands to showcase their releases in the IFA Berlin 2020 show? Truth be told, we will know about it as the convention takes place between September 3 and 5. All major consumer electronics devices manufacturers will be present, except for Apple, who has its own event planned for this month, and Samsung, who’s holding its own event, at the same time, somewhere else, to showcase even more devices as just in August they rolled out a good amount of products.

Major players at IFA Berlin 2020

Consumer electronics manufacturer LG has a tradition in making an impact in their presentations at IFA Berlin. This year shouldn’t be different, despite the coronavirus restrictions and new format, so we should expect a rollout of LG products for home, as their OLED TVs and low-budget approach aims to captivate the public, to show off its IFA 2020 lineup, the company designed a virutal showroom.  Despite Huawei’s deplorable record of corporate transparency, worldwide shunning, and troubled 5G rollout in Mainland China, the Chinese-military owned conglomerate plans to participate at this conference as it considers a platform to promote their business, currently, Huawei has expanded its portfolio from smartphones and network equipment to laptops and tablets, so we could expect anything from them this year.

Chinese manufacturer realme will also showcase its new line of 5G telephones and entry-level mobile devices as it prepares to cater the European market after announcing a brand reveal and a revamped product strategy. Lenovo has also another spot at IFA Berlin, the company chose to reveal a wide array of their portfolio on late August, including Internet of Things devices, tablets with high-resolution OLED displays and Qualcomm chips.

Qualcomm is another major player at the German consumer electronics show as its CEO will be present at the first day of the conference. Veteran US manufacturer Motorola will also be present at IFA as it will launch many of its phones, specially the Moto Razr, a nod to millennial nostalgia as the company tries to introduce the public to a long-forgotten mobile phone design trend: Folding phones.

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